Meet Randy Royal
Canine Handler

Randy is a retired 19 year veteran of the California Highway Patrol. Fifteen years of his career were dedicated to handling complex felony investigations for the CHP, and for the last 6 years of his career he worked as a patrol/narcotic detection K-9 handler, focusing on narcotic interdiction. Randy was a Departmental Canine Maintenance Trainer for the CHP, as well as a certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and an instructor in the DRE program for 10 years. Randy continues to keep his knowledge of drug trends current by training weekly with law enforcement K-9 units, as well as being an instructor at both the State Center Community College, Fresno Police Academy and the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigations, specializing in instruction of Drug Recognition, Interview and Interrogation, Surveillance, Criminal Apprehension, and Narcotic Interdiction.


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