About Us

Royal Detection K-9 Services can assist companies and school districts from the service of trained and certified Narcotic Detection K-9's to randomly sweep their property and premises to ensure employees and students are adhering to drug policies that are developed or already in place.

Royal Detection K-9 Services is dedicated to providing a level of service unmatched in the industry. Our professional K-9 handlers, have experience in the detection and location of narcotics and contraband. You will be confident that our searches will be thorough, consistent, and conducted with a level of professionalism no other service can offer.

Our dogs are hand selected only after passing a rigorous testing criteria, ensuring their ability to search and alert to the odor of narcotics as well as handguns and ammunition on a reliable basis. The dogs are maintained on a weekly training protocol to ensure their skills are maintained, and both the dogs and handlers are certified on an annual basis by an outside independent certifying entity.

The vision of Royal Detection K-9 Services comes down to value. We value safety. We value the freedom to live, work and learn in a drug free environment. We value the importance of a job done right.