Our Mission

To provide a safe and drug free environment for employees to work and students to learn. Professionalism and consistency drive our relentless efforts to detect narcotics and contraband with consistenly trained detection canines, combined with a knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Commercial Services

In the commercial industry, RDK9 truly understands the importance of safety. With millions of dollars of commodity rolling through your doors every day, the chance of an employee working or driving under the influence of drugs is a risk you cannot afford to take. Preventing costly drug related accidents can save your business money and create a safe work place for your employees.

RDK9 will come to your place of business utilizing our narcotic detection canines to conduct random or scheduled sweeps of your work area, locker rooms, vehicles, or any property your business owns. As everyone involved with you company begins to realize that proactive steps are being taken to ensure a drug free work place, the all too common occurrences of employees bringing drugs to work or coming to work under the influence will decline. Detection is Deterrence.

School Services

Children are our future, and RDk9 takes great pride in the important job of providing a safe and drug free environment for them to learn and grow. We utilize single purpose non-aggressive detection dog in a non-law enforcement capacity. The canines are utilized to detect the odor of narcotics, handguns and ammunition. Once any contraband is located, school personnel is notified and all discipline is handled by school district personnel. Searches will be conducted on a random basis and coordinated through school district personnel. Random sniffs by quality detection dogs will deter students from bringing drugs and weapons on campus. Detection is Deterrence.

Personal Services

Everyone needs the peace of mind of knowledge. Our personal services will come to you in a discrete and confidential manner. Whether it is a personal residence, half-way house, rehabilitation center, or personal vehicles; our narcotic detection dogs can conduct a search on your own terms and at whatever level of discretion you desire. Being a non-law enforcement business, any narcotics or weapons located will pointed out to you, and information will be provided on different options available for action or disposal of any contraband located.